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Family Planning_Services

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Possible uses and use restrictions...

Grants must be used for family planning services including contraceptive services, infertility services and special services to adolescents. Family planning services include information on all medically approved methods of contraception including natural family planning methods; counseling services, physical examinations including cancer detection and laboratory tests; STD and HIV prevention education, screening and referral; contraceptive supplies, and periodic follow-up examinations. Infertility services include assessment, information, education, and arrangements for referral if necessary. Special services to adolescents include in-depth information, education including abstinence education counseling, and referral to and from other social and medical service agencies, and such ancillary services as are necessary to facilitate clinic attendance for adolescents who need contraceptive services. These family planning services must be available without coercion and with respect for the privacy, dignity, social and religious beliefs of the individuals being served. To the extent possible, entities which receive grants under this subsection shall encourage family participation in projects assisted under this subsection. Funds may not be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning. Funds may not be used for purchase or construction of buildings; salaries of personnel paid from other Federal grant funds; and certain other miscellaneous items as specified in the regulations. Priority in the provision of services will be given to persons from low-income families.